Car Chakras

How we drive is how we live. What we drive is a reflection of who we are.

1st chakra: This type would rather go in the opposite direction to their destination as long as they keep moving. To a First Chakra type, driving is war, or conversely they (approval seeking conformist types) can play it so safe and adhere to the rules of the road so meticulously that it's a marvel they get anywhere. In 1st Chakra mode, it's us against them. Our car becomes our territory and everyone else is a threat to our security. Road rage is a 1st chakra phenomena. Deep primal triggers are activated and we feel like we're under attack.

2nd chakra: It truly is all about the journey and on that journey everything seems magical. The songs on the radio speak right to you. The owl which flashes past is a powerful omen. In 2nd chakra mode, driving becomes a flirt fest and a feast for the senses.

3rd chakra: A need for speed. Instantaneous action and reaction. You are always prepared. Of course you have an app which steer you around gridlock. You and your car are one. It's not about where you are, it's all about getting where you're going. And when you get where you're going, you're already thinking about where you're gong next. Overall, don't lean on your horn; lean on your patience!

4th chakra: Wonderfully accommodating drivers. They have empathy for everyone. They typically drive Volvos, Subarus, and Volkswagens.

5th chakra: Driving always triggers wonderful insights into your life, relationships, and Destiny.

6th & 7th chakras: When one is oriented in these centers it is not easy to stay present. Way to much input. The rules of the road seem arbitrary. You would rather let someone else drive.

7th chakra: You are able to astral travel everywhere you want to go. In fact, you're already everywhere at once. No need to drive!