Calories Burned During Yoga

Q: I have been following the yoga dvd's for a few months now which I love by the way. I was just wondering, how many calories do you burn in for instance the "Yoga Beauty Body" or the "Kundalini Yoga: Solar Power All-In-One Workout" dvd's? Hope to hear from you soon."

A: Thanks for writing and congratulations on beginning your Kundalini Yoga practice! It's very hard to calculate the amount of calories burned during a workout because there are so many variables, but conservatively, calories burned per hour for the DVD's you cited would be on the average, 375, maybe 400. Some of our more active titles like Warrior Workout, Dance the Chakras Yoga Workout, and Kundalini Yoga
Cardio, Stretch & Strengthen, would burn up to 600 per hour.

There are other factors in Kundalini Yoga which would also contribute to weight loss and fat burning. These include work on the glands, and working through energy blocks in "problem" areas of the body. Also, Kundalini Yoga gives a person increased willpower and works on the parasympathetic nervous system, etc. to re-pattern all forms of compulsive behavior.