Brittany Johnson


I discovered Kundalini yoga by accident. A client came to see me for energy work. I visibly saw and felt things that I had never experienced before during a session. I asked him after the session to please explain a couple of things. I said “How did you get like this?” He said “Kundalini Yoga.” We talked a little more and I searched on Google and found Ravi and Ana. There were other coincidences around his appointment, that were worth noticing. I have been hooked on Ravi and Ana Kundalini Yoga ever since. I had also been teaching Hatha yoga for several years and the participants are switching to this amazing practice. Also, new people are coming daily to experience this amazing technology. I contacted 3HO for a spiritual name, and was given the name Birpreet, which means to live in courage and bravery; the spiritual name had all the letters of my legal name, Brit. I am right where I am suppose to be, as I truly believe we all are. Life is all about being brave and daring to stretch beyond our self limitations and comfort zone. Brittany is the owner of The Steampunk Yoga in Saratoga Springs, NY. More:

East Greenbush, NY
United States
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