Bags Under Eyes

Bags under the eyes relate to kidneys, stress, water and sodium balance in the body, disrupted sleep patterns, and blocked energy. There is a genetic component to a propensity to have bags appear under your eyes, but a healthy lifestyle can keep this tendency at bay.

Try to eliminate coffee, salt, carbonated drinks, and alcohol. Acidopholus would be very good for you to take everyday to help maintain your body's natural balance.

We recommend that your drink a few drops of fresh lemon in warm (filtered) water. 30 min. before breakfast. Asparagus, corn silk tea, watermelon juice and garlic are natural diuretics and will help to cleanse your kidneys.

A great exercise for kidney health are cobra push-ups. Lie on your stomach, hands under your shoulders, palms down. Inhale raise your upper body (hips stay down), keeping your neck long. Exhale down. Continue for 1 - 3 min.

Your yoga and meditation practice will bring your body into a naturally balanced state. It will become easier over time to institute the positive lifestyle changes that will lead you to your desired outcomes.