Bad Yogi / Good Yogi

OK so it just may be that we all have a little bit of bad yogi in us. That's one reason we all embarked upon yoga in the first place, to elevate those traits. We are all a work in progress. How boring if we were not! So dear yogi, even if you recognize yourself in a "bad yogi" description we hope you can view it with the sense of humor with which with which this piece. Also, our apologies to Matthew Mcconaughey (who is in the bad yogi photo). We're not implying that he is a bad yogi (and he's a great actor) but the photo was too perfect to resist.

Bad yogi comes to class and arranges all his accoutrements--water bottle, quartz crystals, various props, etc. in a three
foot radius around his mat (Hey at least he is early! We'll give him some credit for that!).

Good yogi has cultivated spatial awareness and knows that accommodating ones neighbor is the highest yoga.

Bad yogi makes a show of grunting and cursing if an exercise or pose is at all challenging. It's as if he wants to make sure you know how hard he's working.

Good yogi allows himself to be where he's at, gracefully pushing the envelope in a sustainable way

Bad yogi does exotic poses before class before warming up properly perhaps in an unconscious attempt to try to intimidate lesser mortals.

Good yogi warms up sensibly, going inwards and checking in with his subtle self to see how he wants to work in class today. In this way he becomes super focused and knows he will have a great class

Bad yogi takes off his shirt at the earliest possible moment (so we can all admire his six pack) and treats his neighbors to a cascade of flying sweat.

Good yogi wears something sensible that breathes and may even help to discretely mop up excess perspiration.

Bad yogi indulges in loud "ooohs and aaaahs" as he hits his "sweet spots," reminiscent of bedroom antics or feeding time at the zoo.

Good yogi maintains sweet meditative silence.

Bad yogi assumes that if he understands the concept of karma he's exempt from karma.

Good yogi knows that the only way to be, is to be accountable.

Bad yogi is determined to get the teacher's approval.

Good yogi is only interested in getting the Universe's approval.

Bad yogi thinks that his yoga class self and his pedestrian self are two different people.

Good yogi strives to make yoga his life and his life his yoga.

Bad yogi thinks he's God's gift to the world

Good yogi aspires to be a gift to the Universe.

Bad yogi assumes everyone is watching his every move

Good yogi seeks to see his reflection in the mirror of his soul.

Bad yogi's cologne or copiously applied essential oil triggers a collective asthma attack.

Good yogi keeps any applied scents on the QT.

When doing mantra chants bad yogi is oblivious to rhythm, pitch, and key.

Good yogi listens to the group pitch and tone and aspires to blend in with the sound.

Bad yogi maintains a running whispered commentary with his neighbor throughout class.

Good yogi keeps his comments to himself.

Bad yogi blurts out irrelevant questions or obscure philosophical rhetoric in the middle of an exercise.

Good yogi waits until after class to ask questions.

Bad yogi can often be seen smoking a cigarette immediately after class.

Good yogi lives in a way that honors energy.

Bad yogi leaves streaks of hair gel all over his mat.

Good yogi wipes down his mat before putting it away.

Bad yogi may act all spiritual in class but can't wait to gossip and dishes the dirt on everyone before class and as soon as he's out the door.

Good yogi expresses what's good in people and praises other students for honest effort.

When his yoga teacher calls out a general correction bad yogi assumes it can't possibly be for him.

Good yogi knows that a perfect pose is something that we're all aspiring to and takes every correction as if it is specifically for him/her.

Bad yogi knows all the spiritual and yogic buzzwords likes to show them off.

Good yogi speaks authentically from his own experience.

Emergencies notwithstanding, bad yogi can be seen texting throughout class and often forgets to turn off his cell phone.

Good yogi is able to put his life on hold for 90 min.

Bad Yogi barely takes note of good yogi because he is too wrapped up in himself. In spite of all of bad yogi's peccadillos, Good Yogi remains supportive and non-judgemental towards Bad Yogi. He knows that we are all teachers to one another with some (ahem) wildy varying methods.