Backbends (proper form)

A common mistake in backbends is to compress the lower spine. Ideally these poses should build back strength and ultimately improve the health of your lower spine.

When you feel ready for Camel or Bow Pose, go slowly and try this modification until the following tips start to feel natural to you. (kneeling) Place the fists on either side of your lumbar spine, Begin to open the chest and extend up and back as far as you can with out leaving your comfort zone. Consciously soften and release your front ribs and keep them in line with the front of your pelvis which should be lifting towards the ribs. Work on lifting the lower back ribs away from the back pelvis to keep your lower back long. Keep your neck in line with your spine .

When doing bow pose. press your shins away from you and relax your upper body and let the arch happen all from the work of the shins pressing away. Keep the lower spine relaxed and back off anytime you feel compression.