Are Psychic Attacks Real?

"We use our senses to keep out as much as we let in!" ~Aldous Huxley

"The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days." ~Lao Tzu

Q: Dear Guys i have a serious problem. Hope you can guide me how to come out of it. I am hatha yoga teacher and KY student. I also do Qi Gong work out and do therapy sessions. For my therapies i depend a lot on my intuition alongside taking symptoms. My intuition used to be so strong that before a patient used to come to me i would have already scanned all his problem and and selected proper yoga programme based onto my intuition. Now it has been for a while that my scanning and my intuition has just stopped working totally. In order to clear the blockage i contacted my seniors in my country. Every one gave the same response that someone has intentionally blocked my scanning and intuition and reason being he wanted me to join his institute as partner and which i had refused to accept as i am already too busy with my clients. Now this intuition blockage has put me to trouble. I cannot really help my clients. Also i was told by my seniors that he has send some kind of very very strong cord to my third chakra to put me under his control and authority.

It is my humble request to help me and guide me which work out to do get out of these two blockages. My intuition especially is totally blocked and i cannot literally scan any disease any problem of my clients.Please please guide me what to do, which work out to do.I will be very very grateful for any guidance you will give me as it will possibly be saving many many lives. Thanking you very much

A: We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing a life challenge. This is a somewhat complex issue, but the first thing that we want to do is bottom line it. Ask yourself, "What would Buddha say?" We think that his answer would probably be that the greatest threat of psychic attack comes from our own minds. We realize that you have grown up in the context of a specific belief system which accepts the existence of "psychic attacks," (Note: In India, if someone wants to do harm to another, they hire a "black tantric," rather than an assassin) but in almost every case, those things can only be valid if a person, consciously, or unconsciously, buys into that mindset, or if on some level, they make themselves vulnerable to that manipulation.

That all being said, it is important, as part of the process of becoming aware, to understand how manipulatable we are. Few people doubt that major and minor emotional upheavals and various crimes happen with greater frequency when there's a full moon. How many other influences effect us of which we're not even aware? Even if those influences are subtle, what about the cumulative effect of those?

1. There is the sunshine world of the day to day, but what about the world of all the mental, emotional, and spiritual energies (which has been called the electro-magnetic spectrum)? There are about 30 billion web pages (more or less) on the Internet, but where exactly is cyberspace? In that sense, there are levels of existence which may not have a physical location we can pinpoint but which may be just as real and which can, in some cases, effect us.

Many forms of energy exist, even if we can't see them. Action at a distance is a cornerstone of modern physics. Everything effects everything. Nevertheless, as humans we have free will, and have the power (even if we don't always use it) to consciously decide which influences we allow to effect us. A Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice gives us the clarity and consciousness to tune ourselves to life enhancing influences.

2. It's understood that in many arenas life is often a battle of wills. That doesn't imply that the other person is wrong if they're not on the same page as us. Everyone has a right, up to a point, of furthering their own self-interests. So, how to win-win this "game of life?" A big part of the answer is: Navel Power. (A strong Navel chakra helps us to keep our will intact and supports an open heart).

3. We are bombarded by the media everyday, essentially in an attempt to have us buy, or buy into things, which actually take us away from who we are. In that sense, each one of us is the media! It is important to take personal responsibility with regard to what influences we focus on and what we put out, in our actions and communication. Nevertheless, we can't just pretend to be conscious intellectually. We need to work more deeply and train ourselves to be so. That's why a meditation practice is so important. Also, try going on a TV fast!

4. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist, or patently paranoid, to agree that social engineering is real. Governments, and other powers that be, influence us collectively to either maintain the status quo or further an agenda. How to fight the power? Our culture, to a large extent has become homogenized. There is no more "underground," that's not immediately co-opted by a Gap commercial. The most subversive act now is to have an active inner life, a life of the Spirit!

5. In any culture, there is always collective energy present and it has real implications. Consider the "bombshell," archetype (Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and into the present), and their male correlates. If you study the lives of those people, many of them met tragic ends. It could be said that having so much projected onto you, which is not you, is a form of psychic attack which is almost impossible to withstand. What works is to be authentic and to honor your soul. Sat Nam (True Identity).

6. Everyone has a "demon(s), " which consists of unexpressed longing and desire, as well our frustrations, disappointments and pain. These things take on a life of their own. We have to consciously work with our "demon," so that it can be integrated and serve our daemon, which is our creative drive and the unique thing which makes us great. Want to delve into your personal underworld and come out smiling? Kundalini Yoga Transformer Workout

7. The bottom line is that if you maintain yourself in Higher Consciousness, and surround yourself with Spiritual Light, then no one or no thing can drain, compromise, and manipulate you. On one level, it is a predatory Universe, so it's not always easy, but we have been projected into the crucible of time and space to learn from experience and grow our souls. Did you ever go through a trying experience, but in retrospect, wouldn't have it any other way? A Journey Through the Chakras, Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond

8. The writer Ouspensky tells of a town in Russia where a train which was always late. As it pulled into the station the engineer had the mass negativity of everyone waiting on the platform projected onto him. It's no coincidence that he suffered from depression and fatigue. To be successful and to not be drained by external "stuff," we need to keep our magnetic fields (physical auras) strong.

9. Everything is connected. It hasn't been scientifically quantifited, but if you can send love or prayers to someone, it is possible to send the opposite of those? When we're angry or frustrated with someone can that energy effect them? In order to send love and healing and protect yourself against any form of negativity, we recommend Kundalini Yoga for Energy & Super Radiance.

10. We think that if you honestly do the meditation given below (at least 11 min. or more per day for 40 days) you will be protected from any negative influences from within or without, and that your intuition will be better than ever!

For Intuition & Protection

midjune1Part 1 Sit with a straight spine. Eyes open. Have your hands in front of your face. Your little fingers are slightly separated from the other fingers. Have your little fingers bisecting your gaze. Let the tips of the little fingers create a double image. Try to have the double image of the tips of the littler fingers overlap so that a tiny red heart is formed. Focus on this heart. Don't think or blink. Stay steady. 3 - 11 min.

Part 2 Now lower your hands, close your eyes, and chant in a clipped monotone, with a slight pause between each word: Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray, Aparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nearnomay, Akamay. Do this for the length of time you did part


Part 1: The little finger represents mercury, communication. We are going beyond our minds and thoughts and communicating with our souls. Heart and soul are synonymous terms. In order to take in new information we have to be able to let the incessant chatter of our previous selves subside and let ourselves be taken by the Heart Current Unto Infinity. By bifurcating our gaze, we are interceding on the dualistic nature of our own minds. The future, our Destiny, is a pure tone, a carrier wave. The Heart is a Universal symbol for the Love which is beyond the mind.

Part 2: This mantra means: Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, Nameless, Desireless. These are all terms which describe God (or the Universe). It's called the Guru Gaitri Mantra and cuts through negativity and blocks in our Path. It neutralizes dark forces from within and without. Yogi Bhajan called it a "fate killer." Do this with conscious reverence.