Archetypes: The Story of Your LIfe

Did you know that there is an inevitable progression in each of our lives?
It revolves around archetypal roles. At crucial times in our lives, through alternating periods of expansion and contraction, we experience these seasons of self-growth: The Innocent, The Orphan, The Wanderer, The Warrior, The Martyr, and the Magician. Why is this important? Because this represents a living template for the story of our lives. When we are able to navigate successfully through these stages we can arrive at the totality of ourselves.

1. The Innocent. Remember that golden time when your faith in the human condition was untainted by trial? When the world was a Garden of Eden, and it seemed as if every option was open to you and love was unconditional? This passage of life relates to infancy but many people prolong it as long as possible, sometimes even into adulthood, when at all costs, they strive to stay on the surface of things and cultivate reasons not to be accountable or truly present. After all, who wants to leave paradise and have to work for a living? This stage is a gift to us so that we have time (figuratively and literally) to get our feet firmly under us,

2. The Orphan. There comes a time though, when we discover that Santa Claus is a marketing tool and the people we believed in have long shadows. We become existential in our outlook and self-anarchy seems the only solution. Many people resort to their addiction of choice to ease the pain of (or avoid) this passage. It is common in this stage to live looking back for what was lost instead of looking forward for what can be. Ultimately we have to recognize that to be human means to participate in the Fall. In the midst of our disillusionment we feel punished for no good reason and betrayed. What we come to realize is that circumstances align to propel us on the journey of a lifetime, and that no one can walk in Grace unless they've matriculated through experience.

3. The Wanderer In order to initiate our personal odyssey, we have to strike out (no one can succeed without having failed) on the road (physically or metaphysically), to see what's out there and to experience the diversity of life and existence. Normally, this stage begins in adolescence when we begin to articulate for ourselves that we are our own persons and that adventures are waiting. This stage is a Great Escape from what we perceive as captivity. Freedom is the watchword for this stage and we sustain ourselves by going fishing in the dark waters of self. What we need to learn here is what's a "keeper," and what isn't.

4. The Warrior. To extend the previous metaphor, one day we hook a a big and beautiful fish and realize that it's the fish we've been waiting for! In practical terms, it's time to take a stand and be tested on the touchstone of our inner discipline. Concurrently we realize that we have the power to contend victoriously in the arena of life. This entails using our personal power to get what we want and then fiercely going forward, "all in." This could entail deciding to have kids, embracing a cause or career you believe in, or just being fearless in everything you do.

5. The Martyr Have you been punishing yourself for years because you feel that it's the only bona fide path to self-redemption? Maybe you woke up one day and realized that you've been waging war against your fat for 20 years, and that there's a big and beautiful world out there. Maybe you've been in a relationship which has necessitated you keeping your unique creativity under wraps. We then realize that the only one holding us back is ourselves. Everyone needs to go through the martyr stage, because we can't experience our uniqueness until we've experienced its opposite.

6. The Magician. Magic is in the air! Awesome synchronicities are an everyday occurrence. Everything flows because we've arrived at a place where we are able to trust in the Universe and its grand design. We are the height of our powers and Spirit is alive in us. We are happy and humble and there is no doubt. IMPORTANT: If you effect the guise of Magician prematurely, narcissistic tendencies drive you to try to recreate the world in your own image. Also, it is possible to be in magic mode via an unwillingness to come in for a landing in life (Innocent or Wanderer Mode). The most important message, in this model, is that you have to go through all of the steps until you can authentically pull a white rabbit out of the hat of Self. And then what? Offer your magic to the world!

It's important to note that you may not experience the above stages (except for the Magician) in the order given. Some people never get to experience their Innocence so they being life as orphans. Then it's very common to revert back to
Innocence by setting up their lives for safety's sake. This might entail joining a cult, or corporation. Being told what to do and how to live. Or maybe you start your Wanderer Stage at age 50 when you decide that painting water colors is far more fulfilling than creating spread sheets.

To Sum It All Up:
Mapping your life based on this model can help you ease regrets. Everyone has to walk in the mud before they can walk in the light. Have the exigencies of life caused you to skip steps? How can you complete those steps without causing too much pain and drama for the people in your life. The beauty of Kundalini Yoga / Meditation is that you can do a lot of this work internally and authentically deliver yourself to Magic mode. Keeping letting go and letting in, honor and savor your soul, and let your words and actions rings true. Let your practice perfect you.