In the case of anxiety, a Kundalini Yoga practice is very important and you should do physical yoga whenever possible. If you are time constrained and absolutely cannot fit in a yoga practice then we recommend the So Darshan Chakra Kriya meditation ideally for 11-31 minutes which is on our Yoga Bliss Hips, Yoga Quick Fixes, and Yoga House Call DVDs (as well as in this archive).

There are many short sets and segments on our DVDs. AM/PM Yoga, Fat Free Yoga, Yoga Quick Fixes, Yoga House Call, can all be helpful. We recommend a short set before your meditation.

Anxiety is often a learned behavior and it is just as easy to unlearn it!

Your anxiety may briefly become more noticeable as core issues are brought to the surface and processed out but Kundalini Yoga and meditation will help you resolve these and help you to experience new levels of health and well-being.

There are certain instances where a person needs medication to function normally, although, if in your case you are experiencing simple anxiety, however pronounced, it would probably be better in the long run (with your doctors permission) to not take medication. In our opinion more often then not, medications do more harm than good, with too many unpleasant side effects to make them viable.

In terms of adding something to your practice to deal with your anxiety and the effects of anxiety we feel that the best course would just be to alternate our DVDs because anxiety is a multi-layered phenomena and by alternating our DVDs you will be sure of getting all the important points covered. We especially recommend theDelete Depression segment on Yoga Quick Fixes (try to work the Dart
Meditation up to 11 minutes). We also recommend our Navel Power DVD,and above all, we highly recommend the So Darshan Chakra Kriya Meditation which is taught on Yoga Bliss Hips, Yoga Quick Fixes, and Yoga House Call.Try to work up to 31 minutes a day. We really can not say enough about this Meditation in its ability to address issues like this at their deepest source! (you can find it under S in this archive.

While holding the breath during So Darshan Chakra Kriya, try to feel anxious. This will help you to resolve it over time. Be a scientist with this meditation, delve into its potential, and see how far you can take it! You can also read more about it on the So Darshan Chakra Kriya post in the A-Z Health Archive on our website. We also have a kind of support group for people doing that meditation on our Facebook group page (search RaviAna Yoga on Facebook to find it - let us know if you have trouble locating it!).

Congratulations on your meditation sessions! Here are three meditations you can try:

1. Long light breathing. Focus at the brow point. As you inhale think
Sat Nam 16x in a gently pulsating rhythm. As you exhale think Wah Hay
Guru 16x in the same rhythm.

2. Underside of the tongue pressing the upper palate, back molars
pressed together lightly. Eyes looking down and in towards the tip of
the nose. Pulse Sa Ta Na Ma on an upward angle out the brow.

3. Hands in lap. Focus at brow. Listen to Wah Hay Gu- Ru (4 separate
syllables) above the top of the head. Except for the mantra, let your
thoughts fall away.

These meditations engender many therapeutic benefits and spiritual gifts. Let us know how you do.