Ana Gioia


Ana Gioia is a 500hr Teacher Training graduate with Ravi and Ana based in the Hudson Valley, NY. She teaches at Anahata, a studio in Kingston, where she makes her home. Some of her specialties include Children's Yoga, Pre & Post-Natal Yoga and Mommy & Me. She is the mother of two darling children and enjoys writing, philosophy, design and connecting with the Earth. She feels very drawn to serving women, children and families as she feels there is so much healing to be done around families and the way society views familial roles.

Ana has a B.A. in Philosophy from Boston College and a M.A. in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College (Santa Fe). She has been practicing yoga since 2006. She did her first Raviana training in Memphis at Give Yoga and her second level in Plattsburgh at Trinity Yoga (2016-17).

"I practiced Hatha Yoga for about ten years before finding Kundalini Yoga. Some people, myself included, feel some resistance towards trying a new type of yoga. I was living in a yoga desert, Northern Mississippi, the closest city was Memphis, TN and after checking out a number of studios, it became clear that Kundalini Yoga was where it was at. The cascading effects it had on my life and the energy of the people there left me astounded. I signed up for a Teacher Training after about a year.

"I studied Philosophy as an undergraduate at Boston College and Eastern Classics as a graduate student at St. John's College where I also studied Sanskrit. Kundalini Yoga was the next level for me and I trusted it intuitively and found things I've believed or felt but couldn't quite make sense of have been validated. I understand a lot more now, my senses have been even further developed and balanced. I've also always been a little bit of a nerd when it comes to root word meanings and great books...for example, the word "tapas," which most people think is just a Spanish appetizer is actually a Sanskrit word which refers to heat built up over time through austerities like meditation and yogic practices?

"My father was an Irish Catholic priest before he married, and my mother is a Guatemalan practitioner of Chinese Medicine. This sort of ancient holy, healing thing has always been a part of my life and I'm just so happy I found a personal practice that honors it all and keeps these ancient vibrations alive for me in these modern times.

I'm interested in working with people on an individual basis, with groups and at events! Contact me if you're interested!

Kingston, NY
United States
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