Ana Brett's DIet / Lifestyle

Raw Food: I eat about a 95% raw food, 100% organic diet. A typical day starts with a raw green protein smoothie, or raw granola, lunch
might be a chocolate greens bar and fruit, a typical dinner is usually a large salad with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in: hemp seeds, seaweed, avocado, or some variation of this. Everyday I have a few raw sprouted Brazil nuts between meals to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Exercise: My main workout is Kundalini Yoga. I do it everyday. We design our DVD workouts to get everything covered so the workouts are pretty much ncomplete. I do enjoy lifting light weights 2 or 3 times per week if a gym is available. If not I make sure to do more weight bearing Kundalini Yoga sets such as the 5 Tibetans from our Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond DVD. Solar Power and Transformer also have some good arm exercises. Of course, Kundalini Yoga Bootcamp and Body Electric have some great bone builders too! I love to hike and do whenever I get a chance. I also like to spin but don't get the opportunity lately!

Workout Clothes: The workout clothes are a mix. I often get shorts and tops from Elissabetta Rogiani in LA. Many of my favorite tops are thrift store finds!