A regular Kundalini Yoga practice will purify your blood and strengthen your immune system and keep allergies at bay or help to make them much less severe. We recommend the Immune Booster segment on our Yoga House Call DVD as well as the Awaken Your Senses set on our Solar Power DVD.
Very often allergies have an emotional component, we recommend our Transformer DVD.
Other things we can suggest are lots of Breath of Fire and possibly a neti pot.

You might try the amino acid L-Histidine which can help prevent allergens from entering the bloodstream. Alfalfa tablets can also be helpful. Concurrent with L-Histidine, also take 10 mg. zinc (at a different time of day). You should experience relief within 30 days, maybe even just a few days.

Fresh raw local honey is also said to help insulate against allergies. Though use it sparingly because of its sugar content. Which brings us to our next suggestion:
Please review the post on candida in this archive. When candida is present allergies can crop up and/or be more severe. There may be something in your diet which seems innocuous, but in triggering candida might be a catalyst for your allergies. Fermented foods, alcohol, or sugar (in any form), etc. can trigger candida. We also recommend a good probiotic to strengthen your immune system. Also, you might try using fresh black pepper in cooking or as a condiment because according to Ayurvedic theory it purifies the blood.

Disclaimer: The advice we give is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or nutritional protocol.