Alcohol and Sugar Cravings and Cures

If you find yourself in a vicious circle in which the need for sugar, carbs, drugs, alcohol, or an any other over- indulgence seem to rule your life, the first thing we want to say, there is hope! Learning to get a handle on "cravings," food and otherwise, is a giant step towards health, balance, and making the most of the incredible gift of this life.

Cravings are often signs of a hormonal imbalance, emotional issue, or a brain chemistry imbalance. Bottom line: cravings can be cured!

Willpower is only part of the equation. If you have gotten to the place where you constantly have to fight a battle with yourself over the in-the-moment need for something, you are either in process (so Keep Up!) or, it may be that something needs to be adjusted.

That said, to even get to the place where you can put the brakes on ,and start to implement some of the positive changes we're advocating, Navel Power is needed. Navel (chakra) energy is the default setting for personal change.

Food and drug cravings often indicate that the body is getting mixed signals. When we are fatigued or depressed, have low blood sugar and/or low serotonin, the body signals the brain that it needs a pick-me-up. In that sense, cravings are simply a matter of interpretation!

How to break this vicious cycle? To reduce food cravings change your diet, add appropriate supplements, get enough high quality sleep and do your Kundalini Yoga practice. A daily Kundalini Yoga practice gives you the means to live off your own energy and will also address those deep seated emotional issues which often are the basis for cravings.

Your metabolism will heal itself when provided the necessary support. Be patient and you will turn the tide! Foods/supplements which will help reduce cravings are: a few raw nuts between meals, oats, healthy fats, L-Glutamine, and Chromium picolinate. Remember, stress not only comes from working too hard, it also comes from eating and imbibing things which aren't good for us. Even though we feel justified, it still creates karma and health issues as well. We owe it to ourselves and the people in our lives to do the right thing for ourselves.

Many cravings emanate from a need to be anywhere else but here. It's under- standable that we would want to escape because we're trying to get some place real! What's real is our Spiritual practice and the authenticity it delivers us to. As we always point out, everything contains its opposite. If you smoke you need to breathe. If you crave sweets, it's important to open yourself to the sweetness of life. If you crave coffee, a more sublime pick-me-up is in order (Kundalini Yoga!). If you crave attention from the opposite sex, give your Self some attention. It will validate you back in profound ways. If you crave power, learn to surrender. If you crave wealth and fame support the people in your life. You can't receive what you've never given. If you have a yearning, but are still not certain what you're yearning for, take a moment everyday to luxuriate in the fragrance of the inner. As Buddha said, all desire is suffering. We paid the price of personal suffering for admission to this beautiful world and the acute in the moment awareness of living. The more we learn to be presently present, the more timeless we become. Desire to be higher!

There are many positive things we can aspire to be addicted to. These serve as a viable alternative to whatever lesser things we crave. Try the Nectar of the Name! That means to pick your favorite mantra and rock it! Do it all the time, while you're walking, driving, preparing food, etc. Do it as a formal meditation and as an enjoyable diversion. You will find that the negative habit patterns will fall away of their own accord. All you will crave is more of that inner sweetness and that is an indulgence which will reward you forever. Throughout history, many ordinary people, just like all of us, have become extraordinary Masters simply by imbibing the Nectar of the Name!