I (Ana) suffered through years of acne. We believe most cases are hormonal. Other factors might include a sluggish digestive system, as well as an emotional component. What worked was a good diet (low sugar, organic, raw, vegan), daily exercise, meditation and time. Zinc supplements as well as probiotics and vitamin D can be very helpful. My own acne went away so gradually I didn't notice. It could take a couple years but if you are persistent, and persistence is the real key, in treating yourself well, inside and out, you will start to see a difference. One of the things people used to tell me is that just under the surface of my skin, they could see glowing healthy skin waiting to get to the surface. You will start to see this too eventually. Giving yourself a break from being in front of a computer screen all day can help avoid "darkening."

Happy Hormones, and our Fat Free Yoga both have a glandular focus that would be helpful. Yoga Cleanse would be a great weekly workout for de-tox. You could even do that one every day for awhile. The Sitali meditation which you can read about in this Archive would be very helpful (try 26 breaths in the AM and 26 in the PM).

I like the evan healy green tea clay mask as a weekly deep clean for my skin. It helps to draw out congestion and also helps exfoliate the skin surface in a gentle way. She also makes a toner spray for acne. I have found this line very helpful, you may like it too.

Have faith that your glowy beautiful skin is going to make a comeback. Its just possible you will achieve a whole new level of radiance very soon! Please keep us posted!