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Hip Opening

there is more to the hips than the hips. As you know, Kundalini Yoga views us humans multi-dimensionally.We feel that hip opening is important. We have seen that many people are locked in this area because of unresolved emotional issues manifesting as an inability to move forward towards fulfillment.

On the physical level the pelvic area is the framework for the psoas muscle which is essentially our core.  When the solar plexus is tight from stress and emotional duress, the psoas muscle is forced to compensate and the hips become tighter. On the metaphysical level the hip area relates to the second chakra, our water element, creativity and uniqueness. When people graduate from a first to a second center orientation, a 'same old same old' world view becomes one filled with new and exciting possibilities.

We did, in fact, design Yoga Bliss Hips with the concept of less is more. When someone works the hips but doesn't address the underlying issues (with regard to why the hips were tight in the first place) then they will tend to further the imbalance. In other words, overworking an area often yields the opposite of what was intended. The subtitle for Yoga Bliss Hips is Kundalini Yoga for Hip Opening and Mood Mastery. We used hip work as an inroad to the emotional level and emotional work to facilitate hip opening. The meditation at the end, So Darshan Chakra Kriya is the most powerful technique we know of to help people address the core issues of their lives.